Makers Connect is not
your traditional Market Place

Makers Connect is an offline and online platform dedicate to empower and assist with the
growth of creative entrepreneurs with limited marketing budgets. 

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You will be invited to our monthly local area  meetings with other creatives, designers and innovators.


You will have the opportunity to receive in confidence advice and ideas to resolve the challenges you are facing. Each Maker Member have different talents and skills to share with each other.


You will receive resources, answers and tools from Our Service Member's  expertise and core competencies for the sustainability growth of your business.


You will be invited to our quarterly and annual events. For example our industry markets, workshops and successful creative and designers speaker events.


You can post a minimum of ten items into your personal store, giving you exposure to our customer base and to be included in our marketing efforts. Upon doing so, you will be vetted by Makers Connect Team and accepted within 24-48 hours.

Sellers Guideline:

Fair Price:

What consumers see as being overcharged? Although we never want to put a value on your creativity, we do expect all listed items to be fairly priced.

Professional Photography:

We know how much time you spend on your be sure to display its beauty with quality photos!


As a seller you need to take care in the look and feel of your products packaging. After all, first impressions matter!


R100.00 Monthly Administration Fee and on sales from the Makers Connect Online Platform a minimum commission fee from 10% to 20% depending on the selling price which must be paid into the following Bank Account


As a Maker Member you will handle your own invoices and deliveries.

Get monthly updates and free resources.